Thursday, December 13, 2012

"What are you gonna do with....

all of this Christmas stuff after the wedding?!"

Well, people. I did what any crazy person would do. I crammed it all into my kitchen!

You have no idea how many times I was asked this, and each time I was given one heck of a crazy look when I said "These are my normal Christmas decorations...they're going up when I get home!"

Even the glittered vase and bouquets got to join in on the holiday fun

This cotton candy colored monster came from Big Lots several years ago for $50.
Best purchase ever.

Found this cute idea on Pinterest! Adding colorful cupcake liners to a string of clear lights, adorable!

You know what would make this kitchen even more awesome?!
White cabinets.
That's right, I started painting them after looking at the photos, the same day they were taken.
I don't know what this 'stop' and 'relax' and 'put down the dang paintbrush' means.

When I'm alone in the kitchen, I pretend I'm a bakery owner and that I've baked all of these yummy looking treats to sell.
Sometimes when I'm pretending, I also have a French accent.
I have no idea why.

That's all for now folks! 

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